We Buy Violins and Other String Instruments

We pay top dollar for your violin, viola, cello or bass. We’ll give you a free assessment of your instrument and possibly make you an offer. Email us detailed photos of your instrument. (Instructions below)

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We are interested in older instruments, but we’ll take a look at any instrument you have and give you a free evaluation even if we aren’t interested in purchasing it.

Most instruments aren’t worth much money, and the instruments that do have value, have certificates and appraisals kept with them through the years. Even if you don’t have any certificates or appraisals, there is always a chance you have something worthwhile.

We have a dedicated team of experts to evaluate and assess your instrument for value and any repairs or restoration work it may require. Our team has over 50 years of experience in the string instrument business. We can offer you personalized expertise to evaluate your instrument and sell it.

Send Us Information About Your Instrument

Please take up to 6 (six) photos of the instrument and send them to us via the contact form below.

Photo Instructions

Please take photographs in natural light if possible, and use the auto setting on your camera or phone. Examples of the photographs we need to assess the instrument;

  • A photo of the whole instrument from the top

  • A close up of the top of the instrument

  • A close up of the back of the instrument

  • A photo of the top scroll of the instrument

  • A photo of the side of the scroll of the instrument

  • A photo of the sides (ribs) of the instrument

  • Please measure your instruments back and send us the measurement

NOTE: Please also include a photo of the label or any brands the instrument might have!

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